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Welcome to Musttor social bookmarking sites list of 2017. Our list consists of high page rank (PR), domain authority (DA), alexa rank with IP address of website. Any user can visit and register himself to bookmark their desired website pages and other registered user are free to view, comment and vote on submitted stories.

Social bookmarking sites are best way to do serious discussion on important news or topic. There is no mandatory condition or rule for sharing your own website. You can share any third party website and ask them to vote and discus with other member of community. There are many internet marketing professionals, such as search engine optimization webmasters, also use these websites to bookmark their important websites for fast indexing and high authority backlink which help in better ranking of their important pages in search engines. Whatever the requirement, following list of high authority social bookmarking sites can be used to discuss on important topics or bookmark your important links.

WebsitePage RankDomain AuthorityAlexa RankIP AddressDate

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At Musttor, we regularly check and update page rank (PR), domain authority (DA), alexa rank and IP address of social bookmarking sites to provide you high quality website on every visit. All listed website are cross examined every week, we regularly remove malfunctioning and deindexed websites so that your time can be saved in search of best quality sites. We also list new site to provide you fresh list of websites. You can suggest and submit to our list for inclusion of your website. Your website will be listed in our list after review form musttor webmaster.