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Rral delay E-D = Diagnostic waiting time E-A= Total diagnostic delayFigure 1 Concept of delays and way of history care provider (HCP), date of final referral to cancer diagnostic center by HCP, date of first visit to cancer diagnostic center and date of confirmed diagnosis. The illness history was taken in a retrospective manner starting from the most recent event in diagnostic path
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odpływ prysznicowy

Odpływ liniowy, zamiast tradycyjnego, niemodnego brodzika, pozwala nadać łazience nowoczesny wygląd i przynosi swobodę aranżacji. Jestem mireczki strasznie zawiedziony. Poszliśmy na prawie dwugodzinny spacer po # wloclawek i mimo że dziś w końcu # zakazhandlu, to praktycznie nie widzieliśmy żadnych pozostałych rodzin tak spędzających okres. My
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Structures seen during the night can often be much more evocative of a cityscape than they seem in daytime hrs. Some cities, such as New York, actually throb at evening and also are lit for the great component by garish neon light which looks oddly suitable.

The most effective time to take contemporary cityscape shots is regarding half an hour after sunset when the skies handles a dee
Buildings seen during the night can frequently be far a lot more expressive of a cityscape than they appear to be in daylight hrs. Some cities, such as New York, literally throb in the evening as well as are lit for the terrific part by garish neon light which looks oddly suitable.

The finest time to take contemporary cityscape shots has to do with half an hour after sundown when the
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He Netherlands, 2Centre for Special Dental Care (SBT), Amsterdam, The Netherlands and 3Department of Prosthodontics and Material Science, University of Leipzig, Germany Email: Marylee J van der Meulen* -; Mike T John -; Machiel Naeije -; Frank Lobbezoo - * Corresponding authorPublished: 11 April 2008 BMC Oral H

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